what if your employee benefits
benefited everyone?

What are sustainability benefits?

Company sponsored programs that support and incentivize employees to become more sustainable.

Popular examples include subsidies for solar panels, electric vehicles and bikes. Interest in these programs has grown significantly as companies expand and align their corporate sustainability goals with their workforce who are increasingly remote and rely heavily upon the “home office.”

  1. Customize your benefit catalog to fit your unique workforce.
  2. Use our qualifying benefit items, or choose some of your own!
  3. Set reimbursements as fixed or as a percentage.
  4. Then… let them lead!

What sustainability benefits do we offer?

Customize your organization's offerings based on our 4 sustainability categories.



Food & Waste


Home Energy Audit


Insulation & Air-Sealing

Smart Devices

Water Conservation

Energy Star Appliances

Public Transit





Share Services

Farm Shares


Ugly Produce

Water Harvesting









What are employees buying?

Sustain 6 prioritizes equitable and inclusive benefit offerings for your entire workforce wherever they are.

"Offsetting over 100% of our current electric usage, giving us the flexibility to add more heat pumps in the future which will then nearly eliminate fossil fuel usage in our home."
Home Energy
User Image. Photovoltaics Solar Panels
User Image. Electric Vehicle Sustainability Benefit
"It's official! We are going ELECTRIC! Can't wait to pull mine off the lot once it's delivered!"
Electric Vehicle
"Major step in reducing my kitchen and toiletry waste! No more plastic wrap! Switched to reusable gallon sized bags , reusable "non-paper towels" and napkins, reusable face cloths and makeup wipes, refillable and bulk hair care and body wash!"
Elephant Avatar
Reusables -Bulk Refill Shop
User Image. Bulk refill Shop
Sustainability Transportation E-skateboard
"This is a modular kit that allows any skateboard or longboard with standard hardware mounts to be converted into an electric vehicle capable of traveling up to 25 mph for 5-15 miles ."
Electric Skateboard
"The output and efficiency should be able to keep our entire apartment a safe temperature in the summer."
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Home Energy
Air Conditioner (Room/Window)

Sustain 6 sustainability benefit programs.

Discover more about our program methodology and design.

Imagine your impact when
Every Employee is a Climate Leader
"The number one factor in employee retention is...
a habitable planet."
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"Buying an e-bike is a lot easier than
moving your family to Mars."

Sustainability Benefits

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S6 mission: to accelerate sustainable transformation by empowering all employees to be climate leaders.

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"What if your employee benefits
benefited everyone?"

Household Sustainability
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The first Employee Sustainability Report that is by employees, for employees.

See our live product, community, and programs in action!

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