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Jobs and Sustainability:

An Ode To Our Skilled Trades Graduates

By Steve Quirk

Recently, Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame, released an unsolicited commencement speech for all of the skilled trades graduates out there because somebody’s gotta do it. Mike’s humor and wit, as always, are on display. He reminds us that all work is essential, and that skilled trades will play a critical role as we look to rebuild the infrastructure for a sustainable world that can address global threats like pandemics and the climate crisis (as highlighted in this McKinsey jobs and sustainability report).

Congratulations graduates! We are in your debt. A tribute to you: 
An Ode To Those Of The Skilled Trade
The plumber, the welder and wily electrician, 
The carpenter, the fixer-upper, the HVAC technician
They made this country and salted the earth 
Tested their mettle and proved their worth 
With their practical sense and rugged grit 
They see through our problems and apply their wit 
They toil and lumber and wipe sweat from their brow 
Working their craft as they only know how 
Firing the torch and sharpening the blade 
They begin to rebuild what was lost and unmade
The work will be hard but it will be done 
A tough job finished is a tough job won
A thousand calloused hands answer the call 
A sturdy world finally, once and for all
Our thanks and our praise is theirs from now on 
Returning a pride that was lost but not gone

Steve Quirk – Co-Founder and CEO of Sustain 6