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Sustain 6 helps companies support their employees in becoming more personally sustainable. Our platform promotes climate leadership through the key pillars of education, goal-setting, incentives and community.

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Knowledge is Power.

Let’s face it. Planet Earth is a pretty awesome place with a richness and mystery that is unparalleled in the universe. Our curated library of excellent videos, articles, courses, books and podcasts has something for everyone. Learn about fantastic fungi, intelligent trees, a changing climate and the creative forces that might just save us in the nick of time. 

Set Goals

Who knew being a zero
could feel so good?

Net zero ain’t just for the big players. We all have to get there and our convenient net zero tool helps put the big picture into focus. How do I even think about my impact? Where is the best place to start? The key to success starts with intention. 

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Sustain 6 Sustainability Hub - Employee Incentives

Provide Incentives

Retain staff and Earth. Nice.

Small financial incentives can have a major impact on employees’ ability to “go green.” Our incentive management systems eliminates the hassle and logistics of approving and reimbursing employee sustainability purchases. You set the funding amount and matching rates and we do all the rest. 


Hug a tree,
high 5 a co-worker!

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Integration Partners

A little help from our friends.

We think diverse collaboration is a good thing.

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Imagine your impact when
Every Employee is a Climate Leader
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"The number one factor in employee retention is...
a habitable planet."
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"What if your employee benefits
benefited everyone?"

Household Sustainability
Survey Report

The first Employee Sustainability Report that is by employees, for employees.

See our live product, community, and programs in action!

Sustain 6 Employee Sustainability Platform - Social Community

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"Saving the planet. Your offices
new free doughnut Friday."

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"Buying an e-bike is a lot easier than
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