Owning the Sustainability Mission

Small Actions, Big Difference. By CB Bhattacharya

Inspiration provided by C.B. Bhattacharya and his book: Small Actions, Big Difference Own it. This is the key point about sustainability that Professor CB Bhattacharya makes in his new book Small Actions Big Difference. While corporate sustainability on the surface is growing more prominent than ever, Professor Bhattacharya laments that meaningful action is too slow […]

Sustainability Is The New Renaissance

Birth of Venus Botticelli, 1468 Sustain 6 Adaptation, Sustainability is the new renaissance

The Shattering is how historian William Manchester describes the impact of the Renaissance on medieval Europe, a nightmarish millennia of cultural and economic brutality aptly summarized in the terms  Dark and Middle Ages (its low carbon footprint notwithstanding). “Even Charlemagne, the first Holy Roman Emperor (800 CE) was illiterate,” observes Manchester and “after extensive fragments […]

What Qualities Define A Climate Leader?

Blog Post Climate Leaders, Sustain 6 Sustainability Benefits

What qualities define A Climate Leader? At Sustain 6 our mission is to accelerate sustainable transformation by empowering all employees to be climate leaders. The reason for this is simple; EVERY company’s most powerful resource is its people. If your people aren’t actually on board and engaged in sustainability on both a personal and professional […]

Sustain 6 Beta 2.0 Release

Sustain 6 Beta 2.0 Product Logo

April 5th, 2022 An increasingly warm welcome to beta version 2.0 of our Employee Sustainability Platform.   San Diego based Sustain 6 is a climate impassioned product built by climate impassioned people. The need for widespread adoption of sustainability and climate action is meeting calls from across the globe. Yet, some of the loudest and […]

VEIC  Licenses Sustainabli to Sustain 6

Sustain 6 Logo

Vermont Energy Investment Corp (VEIC) has agreed to an exclusive licensing partnership of Sustainabli, its employee sustainability benefits platform, with Sustain 6.

Jobs and Sustainability: An Ode To Our Skilled Trades Graduates

Recently, Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs fame, released an unsolicited commencement speech for all of the skilled trades graduates out there because somebody’s gotta do it. Mike’s humor and wit, as always, are on display. He reminds us that all work is essential, and that skilled trades will play a critical role…

Remote Work and the Residential Sustainability Opportunity

Portland Oregon - Home Energy Score

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently announced that employees would have the option to work remote “forever,” confirming the belief of many that increasing remote work will be a permanent impact of the Covid pandemic. Twitter will also provide all employees with a $1,000 allowance for home office supplies…

From One Planet to the Next

Comparing the Atmospheres of Earth and Mars - Credit ESA

SpaceX’s recent private space launch is a moment to be celebrated. I’m not sure that it’s quite up there with Neil Armstrong’s Small Step or Star Trek: First Contact, which hails the invention of Warp Speed and subsequent meeting of “aliens” (i.e. Spock’s Vulcan ancestors who were cruising around…

Can Trees Save Us?

Happy Little Trees

Trees, it turns out, might just save us. Trees have regularly taken center stage in creation and salvation myths (see: Tree of Life and Knowledge, Bodhi Tree, James Cameron’s Avatar Hometree – spoiler, sequels are coming) and for good reason: they provide food, shelter, warmth, clean air, shade, sanctuary and …

It’s Just Business. Or is it?

It's Just Business, Lord Business MEME

In August 2019 the Business Roundtable (the Illuminati of Fortune 500 CEOs) updated its definition of business purpose to include obligations not just to the shareholders but to all stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers and communities. The announcement states it simply: “The American dream is alive, but fraying.” …