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August 2022 Newsletter

Last Month's
Top Sustainability Benefit

Garden and Compost

Now in California, new law requires every jurisdiction to provide organic waste collection services to all residents and businesses! Learn More.

“Built my 1st raised garden bed. Planted baby beets, thai basil, pole beans, pinto beans and marigolds.”

“Very excited to start a garden, it is all growing very fast this summer.”
 – Margery

Last Month's
Top Resource

“Drilled is a true-crime podcast about climate change. In 2019, it was awarded the Online News Association award for excellence in audio storytelling, in 2020 it was named Best Green Podcast in the iHeart Radio Podcast Awards, and in 2021 it received the Covering Climate Now award for audio.”

“I binged this podcast like a show on Netflix! I was hooked, a truly outstanding piece of work and research.”

Current In Climate | Education Resources

The Biggest Climate Bill of Your Life! But What does it DO?

Prominent "nerd fighters" John and Hank Green give us their fast paced, informed and always entertaining take on the latest climate bill. If you haven't heard the Green brothers before, you've been missing out.

Putting the 2030 Climate Goal in reach.

Europe’s Rivers Run Dry

Crops, power plants, barge traffic, industry and fish populations devastated by parched waterways.

Product News and Updates

Understand what it takes to clobber carbon, set a goal and use Sustain 6 to help achieve it.

Climate Myth Busting with Skeptical Science

Whenever there is an extreme weather event, such as a flood or drought, people ask whether that event was caused by global warming.

Sustain 6 Blog

Have you felt one of these challenges in your sustainability journey?

Imagine your impact when
Every Employee is a Climate Leader
"The number one factor in employee retention is...
a habitable planet."
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