one of the key factors
in employee retention

is a planet.

Sustain 6 Mission

Accelerate sustainable transformation by empowering all employees to be climate leaders.

Sustain 6 Team

Steve Quirk Co-Founder and CEO

Steve Quirk

CO-FoundeR | CEO

Lee Krevat Advisor and Board Member

Lee Krevat


Andy Vota Co-Founder

Andy Vota


Sheila Nasehi Technology Lead

Sheila Nasehi


Brent Loya - CPO - Chief Product Officer

Brent Loya

ChIEF PRoduct officer

May Ho Design Lead

May Ho

UX Design

Peter Accounting

Peter Heard


Mike Steck Board member and Advisor

Mike Steck

Board Member

Tim Davis - Sustain 6 Advisor

Tim Davis


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What’s in a Name?

Besides the fantastic but entirely coincidental reference to the classic Kevin Bacon game or the mythical creation timeline of planet earth, the name “Sustain6” was hatched on the foundation of 6 guiding values:

Common Ground

Earth is our one home and our common ground.

 We have a duty to leave the world a better place than when we found it. The earth is our one home and our literal common ground.

Invest in People

Invest in people with Sustainability Benefits

 The most important investment of any organization is in its people.  Let them lead the way and be amazed.  

Work Together

Create community and share sustainable actions.

 We are at our best when we work together to solve large problems. Let’s unleash our human potential. 

Act Local

Act Local, Start at home in your community.

  Local acts make for Global Pacts. Sustainability is a choice that starts in our own backyards and neighborhoods.  

Get Educated

Get Educate. Leap into action and education.

Education is the fuse of thoughtful action, a leap forward to the re-imagined. 

Act Now

Act now and dive head first into sustainability.

The cost of inaction grows with each passing day. It’s time to dive in and make a change.

Imagine your impact when
Every Employee is a Climate Leader
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