5 Challenges of Employee Sustainability
Corporate Sustainability” 
“Employee Sustainability”

Seems like 2 completely different worlds. But in a way, they are very much the same.


The business objective: to reduce and eliminate GHG emissions. The personal objective: to reduce and eliminate GHG emissions.


See not so different! But, how these two entities actually achieve a “Net-Zero/Positive” status is VERY different. As a proud “product nerd” the standard first step in designing a solution is to better understand the details of the problem(s). To create effective solutions at Sustain 6, we worked with our Sustainability Partners (clients) and Climate Leaders (users) to define the 5 core Challenges of Employee Sustainability.

5. Convenience. 

“I’m trying my best, but Is there an easy button?”


Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat! Our lives are busy and making changes can be difficult, especially to our personal routines. We need to meet people where they are and give them an inclusive variety of choices and suggestions. At Sustain 6, we do this by curating sustainable goods and services into 4 broad categories: Transportation (bikes, EVs, mass transit), Home Energy (LEDs, insulation, smart thermostats, etc),  Food & Waste (composters, rain barrels, CSAs), and Products (home, travel, kids). There is something for everyone to celebrate in their sustainability journey. Easy. Done. Next. 


Sustainability Benefits - Employee Challenges - Lack of Support

4. Lack of Support

“Sometimes starting new things (even simple ones) on your own is just hard”


People trust the companies they work for. When a company shares and supports their values with their employees, that trust can grow. When that trust grows with one person, they share it with another. This butterfly effect of trust stems from positive support and communication. Joining a shared mission on climate with your company and colleagues can establish trust and redirect our negative emotions into positive actions! ESG and CSR are not only about your physical infrastructural assets, it’s also about the living, breathing, human ones too!


Sustainability Benefits - Employee Challenges - EMOTIONAL

3. Emotional

“Will my actions really make any difference?”


Seeing “unprecedented” and “100 year storm” headlines every week in the news can start spinning us into real anxieties and depressions! Thankfully, there are incredible people all over the world (maybe like you) devoting their lives and careers to making sure their actions and your actions do make a difference. The ability to share questions, concerns and victories with colleagues lies at the heart of the Sustain 6 platform. Small positive actions really can have a rippling effect on those around us. It is important to see and understand that our tiny role is a part of a gigantic goal we can only achieve together.


Sustainability Benefits - Employee Challenges - Informational

2. Informational

“How do I compost the right way?”


This crazy thing called the internet can be an infinite source of information, knowledge, and… bullshit. Navigating through blogs, posts, videos, pins, comments, ratings, and reviews can feel like going down the rabbit hole. People need easy access to trustworthy, high integrity, science based information and insight from experienced professionals to understand our climate reality and to make the best decisions for our families and communities. Climate Leaders using Sustain 6 have access to a curated library of educational resources that fit all learning styles and allows users to share resources from their own discovery with co-workers.


Sustainability Benefits - Employee Challenges - Financial

1. Financial

 “I want to get a heat pump but can’t afford it right now.”


The reality is that many sustainable and climate fighting goods and services require upfront investment. Despite the payback, savings, and reduced GHGs, taking on additional financing or out-of-pocket expenses can be a deal-breaker to the average household. As the growing success of electric vehicles and solar demonstrates, incentives and financing make a big difference in adoption!  While a large incentive is always nice, it turns out that even a modest incentive ($100 or even $50) can serve as a catalyst to action. It can be the lift that removes the heaviest weight off our shoulders.



We call these financial incentives “Sustainability Benefits”. Our Sustainability Partners have the ability to customize benefit programs to fit their needs and to provide the highest level of inclusion possible. Some basic program variables include setting reimbursement percentages for specific items and/or including additional incentives for completing activities like taking a household carbon survey. Another consideration is to give a flat rate reimbursement similar to Bank of America’s new EV program. “The company will give a $4,000 reimbursement to employees that buy an electric vehicle… The one-time perk will be available starting in July to workers who have served at least three years and have annual salaries of less than $250,000.” (Bloomberg)


Meet your employees’ challenges head on. 


Employees may encounter just one or many of the challenges listed when addressing the Climate Crisis in their personal lives. The Sustain 6 platform can help you authentically share your climate mission by addressing these challenges with your people. “83% of employees want their company to help them be more sustainable.” (globescan) The people of your organization have the willingness to act, but these employee challenges have restrained the greater ability to act!


Enabling your employees to become Climate Leaders will enable your organization to be a Climate Leader. Such a shared force can do incredible things, like accelerate our common goal; to eliminate GHG emissions and build a world worthy of handing off to future generations.


Have a beautiful day, and a better week! 

– Brent



Sustain 6 is Planet Earth’s favorite Employee Sustainability Platform. Schedule a demo and a chat with our team to see the live employee platform, our community, and to start creating your company’s exciting new Sustainability Benefits program!



5 Challenges of Employee Sustainability

By Brent Loya

Sustain 6 CPO

August 3rd, 2022
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